Partnership Solare Datensysteme GmbH with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

11. luglio 2013

Strategic partnership: Solare Datensysteme GmbH with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Solar-Log 1200

Geislingen (Germany), 17 June 2013 – The consumption of self-produced power is becoming more and more important. To utilize self-produced power even more effectively in the future, the specialist for monitoring and managing of PV plants, Solare Datensysteme, has entered into a strategic partnership with the global producer of air conditioning systems and heat pumps, Mitsubishi Electric. The Goal of this strategic partnership: In the future, air conditioners will be automatically powered by PV electricity. This is accomplished by having the Solar-Log™ data logger directly control the air conditioning systems.

Mitsubishi Electric and Solare Datensysteme have agreed to offer a communication interface between the Solar-Log™ and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners.

The first step of the partnership is to implement a connection from the Solar-Log™ to the Mitsubishi Electric Interface MAC-397, which is used in various Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners. The necessary switching command will be transmitted between the Solar-Log™ and the Mitsubishi Electric communication board. The central control element (Solar-Log™) can then activate the air conditioner when there is a surplus of power from the PV plant.

The second step will be to allow the end customers to adjust the air conditioner’s temperature settings via the internal Solar-Log™ web interface. Due to the flexibility of the system, the Solar-Log™ will also be able to control even more of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and heating devices.
This step not only improves the earning power of PV plants by increasing the self-consumption rate, but also makes PV energy even more attractive.